FFXI Final Fantasy XI Red Mage

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If you want a bit of everything in your job from fighting to spell casting to healing, the Red Mage is the job for you. It isn't the best at a specific skill but its the best all around job being able to survive in almost any situation.

Any race can fill the shoes of a Red Mage, it all depends on what skills you prefer. For all-around, go with the Hume. For magic spells, go with the Taru Taru. For fighting abilities, go with the Galka or the Elvaan.

The best active ability of the Red Mage is Chainspell which allows the mage to cast its spells faster for 1 minute although the recharge time is 2 hours. The Red Mage also has the Convert ability at level 40 which swaps your HP with your MP, very useful when you're low on health.

The passive abilities of the Red Mage are Resist Petrify at levels 10, 30 and 50, which give it increased resistance to petrification. There is Fast Cast at levels 15 and 35 which increase the rate of casting. The Red Mage gets Magic Attack Bonuses at levels 20 and 40, and Magic Defense Bonuses at levels 25 and 45. At level 31, there is Clear Mind which increases
the MP regeneration rate.

The Red Mage's spells consist of both the spells of the White Mage and Black Mage but does not contain the most powerful spells of either. Still as a spellcaster it can attack, heal, deal status effects, and ressurect characters. A great combination spellcaster for those looking for one.

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