FFXI Final Fantasy XI Macros

Macros are very helpful in combat situations where going through menus can take time. You can have up to 10 macros accessed by using CTRL and the corresponding number from 0 - 9. To create a macro press CTRL + or - and select Macros then choose an empty macro box and input your macro commands there. For a complete list of macros and other helpful info, go visit Skryer. There are cetain commands that you can use to easily access a skill or item (name should be in quotes):
/ja - Access a job ability
/ws - Access a weapon skill
/ma - Access a magic spell
/item - Access an item
/target - Target an player / enemy
Then there are the macro tags which allow you to specify targets for your macros:
<me> - You are the target
<t> - Your current target will be affected
<st> - Lets you choose your target first
There are also macro tags which you can use to display stats:
<hp> - Display your hit points
<hpp> - Display your hit points in percentage form
<mp> - Display your magic points
<mpp> - Display your magic points in percentage form
<tp> - Display the number of technique points you have
<pos> - Shows your position on the map

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