FFXI Final Fantasy XI Hints & Tips

Use these Hints & Tips to help you start out in Final Fantasy XI. If you want the latest strategy guides and ways to level the fastest and earn the most money in FFXI, go to Skryer. Otherwise here are a few:
  • Always use Ctrl+C to check your enemies level before engaging.

  • Sell 12x Crystals for gil at Auction Houses. You need to be wearing a signet for monsters to be able to drop crystals so make sure you have one first.

  • Kill goblins and sell their armor, you can make 250 - 500 gil each.

  • Don't beg other people for money, this isn't a third world game.

  • If a deal is too good to be true it probably is, scammers exist everywhere, even in games, beware.

  • Don't try to hit on every female character you see, most of them are guys.

  • Don't flood, once is enough, if you think they didn't hear you, rephrase your statement.

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