FFXI Final Fantasy XI Cheats

Cheats are hard to find in Final Fantasy XI but some people and places like Skryer have found ways to get around this by using speedhacks which are seperate programs which make your character faster than the normal speed of the game. This can allow for a number of unfair advantages like quick travel, not being damaged by enemies, getting more XP etc. The speedhack programs work by speeding up the computer clock which in turn speeds up everything else on the client side of the game. Speedhacks in general can be used on any game offline or online, so they are hard to prevent, but each MMORPG eventually implements its own system to prevent it. For more information on these and other known FFXI cheats, visit Skryer.

There are no actual Cheats in Final Fantasy XI, but there are exploits as is the term coined for MMORPG bugs which can be used to the player's advantage. For an updated list of cheats and exploits, go to Skryer.

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