FFXI Final Fantasy XI Bard

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A Bard is almost like a White Mage in the sense that it supports the party. Bards sing songs that enhance skills, cure ailments and do damage to enemies. Bards are also an essential member of any hunting party.

The only active ability of the Bard is Soul Voice which increases the effectiveness of songs for 3 minutes although Soul Voice can only be used every 2 hours.

The passive abilities of the Bard are Resist Silence which it gets an extra level of at levels 5, 25, and 45.

There are many spells available to Bards, most of them increase a certain statistic for the party. Some heal, others deal light damage to monsters. The difference between a Bard and a White Mage is that a Bard does not use magic and therefore does not require any Magic Points, so you can be sure you won't run out of songs.

To become a Bard, go to Lower Jeuno and talk to Mertaire and all the inhabitants at the INN (I8). Then proceed to Mhaura and buy a piece of paper from Pikini-Mikini (G9). Leave Mhaura and head to G9 on the map, use the secret passage from the beach on the east. Look for the Song Runes and trade the paper you bought to the runes, then return to Lower Jeuno and give it to Mertaire. Next travel to Selbina where the dunes are and go towards the Northwest end where you will find a secret passage. Inside is another Song Rune, click on it to receive the Bard job.

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